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One Day Before An Important Exam

Hi there….So as you can see, I am going to tell you guys how my day goes when i have an exam the next day. Well this is very true too, I have an important test tomorrow and I thought to share my experience of how my day went today. So, I had one test yesterday and today I was very exhausted because of it, but I still has to study, boi, now that’s not a good thing. So as usual, I woke up at like 8 am (I am a  bit lazy during winter, its like, my body wants to hibernate but I surely can’t allow that to happen) and did some revision

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Oh man! Its my first blog

Well the title is already very self-explanatory, it is my very first blog and i am very exited about it(I am sure this is going to be very cringy). So here is a glimpse of my story……. I am an Indian boy who is obsessed with gaming and learning(I know, its a rare combination). So I thought why not tell other people that how a 14 years old teen survives with this obsession. I have always loved playing games, like really, I have been plying video games since I was like in kinder garden(or maybe even earlier), and this

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