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One Day Before An Important Exam

Hi there….So as you can see, I am going to tell you guys how my day goes when i have an exam the next day. Well this is very true too, I have an important test tomorrow and I thought to share my experience of how my day went today. So, I had one test yesterday and today I was very exhausted because of it, but I still has to study, boi, now that’s not a good thing. So as usual, I woke up at like 8 am (I am a  bit lazy during winter, its like, my body wants to hibernate but I surely can’t allow that to happen) and did some revision

for like 2 hours or something, I usually study a bit more but this test is like the 2nd round of some other test that I have attended so there was no need to study for, like 4 hours or so for the preperation. After the studying thing, I just played and watched youtube the rest of the day, so here is a tip- whenever you have a test the other day, just start studying in the morning and do this till the syllabus is completely revised(might take long), this does sound hard because I didn’t mantion about the breaks in the routine. It all depends on you for how long you want to study (if you want more info on that, then please comment in the comments section). Its like 7 pm right now, and I am kinda done with everything. I did play a random game today, It was a bowling game(now that’s random) and I did actually like it (ignoring the fact that I was really bored at that point), this game can be preferred even more when you just wanna chill(if you are interested in that, just comment and I will give you more info about it). That’s basically it for my day, if you did anything interesting today then please let me know about it by commenting about it. Ok then, See ya, BYEEE.
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