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Essential things for bag

Hey there, this is the blog post of my friend Riya. She posts blogs related to fashion. Please follow her blog. I absolutely sure you all will love her posts.

The class of styling

Hey people out there hope you all are doing well. I think you all must carry a bag when you go out of the house. there are some essential things and tips that you all must

be aware about.

  • The bag which you are carrying should be comfortable and easy to carry . always prefer a bag with the broad strap.
  • you should always carry a lip cream in your bag when ever you are feeling that your lips are chapped and you need to moisturize them you can apply lip cream.
  • Suggestions :I use lip cream from the body shop (The Body Shop strawberry lip butter) it is really good and moisturizing .
  • You must have a hand cream in your bag whenever you feel your hands are being dry and rough you can apply and make your hands soft.
  • Suggestions : I prefer to use the hand cream…

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