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I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose. -David Livingstone

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Sometimes… Poem

Sometimes, life will be bad to me;

Torture and hatred may greet me,

But that will not take over me.

I don’t give a damn to these things;

I’ll still fly with no wings.

Sometimes, Failure will meet me;

But this will not affect me,

I will keep on trying,

Because I know I will get nothing from crying;

Sometimes, I may see sadness arrive,

But I will not let it thrive.

I will always think;

I am the king of my field and the god of my soul,

I know I’ll find a link.

—-Morvin Prajapati

I hope you all loved my poem, this is the first ever poem that I have ever posted. Please give me your suggestions about it, I will love to hear them.😊❤️❤️

If you have any Quote, poem or a short story that you want to share with me, please send it on, your work will be posted on one of my blogs.