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One Day… Poem

One day, you will succeed ;

One day, your practice will kneed,

You will be happy;

And you won’t be fatty,

All your dreams will come true;

And your problems will be few,

Your boss will praise you,

for all the idea seedlings you grew.

One day, your coach will say;

“You did it, Yay!”

No burden will be found;

All the sadness would have drowned,

That day will come when,

You polish your work again,

You will succeed when;

You face failure and stand up again,

You will win when,

You practice again and again,

Make that day,

Your today.

—- Morvin Prajapati

If you have any Quote, poem or a short story that you want to share with me, please send it on, your work will be posted on one of my blogs.



I am a student and a blogger and I really like reading and sharing various quotes.

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