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Save That Soul… Poem

Today, while going to my coaching centre;

You won’t believe what I encountered,

I saw, I saw a dog,

Caught up in the open sewer clog,

My heart dropped down low,

How could the world be such a foe?

I tried to help him but I was too late,

The cruel world has already decided his fate.

I couldn’t save him,

He was still down there and I couldn’t reach him,

I ran with the flow of the stinky water,

I had almost reached its quatre,

Then I saw something wierd,

No one except me interfered.

This truth hurt me to the core,

It was like a sad lion’s roar.

I just want to spread the message;

We all can take another passage,

Save that soul and change his life

Not just trap him there alive.

—- Morvin Prajapati

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I am a student and a blogger and I really like reading and sharing various quotes.

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