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Michael Cunningham: Peace

Great quote

Quite a Quote!

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”

—Michael Cunningham.

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The Pain Will End…. Poem

When the earth feels sore;

The clouds can take no more.

It starts to rain,

Relieving all of its pain.

Droplets come down;

And cool the earth down,

This tells us,

No matter how much pain you gain,

It will rain and will be better again,

For us, rain may be – help, success or money,

But remember it may soon be sunny!

So use your “happy time” wisely,

Cause it might end dryly,

But you have to be positive in the draught;

Cause it may come like a lout,

But rain will come my friend,

And the pain will end.

— Morvin Prajapati

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