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My Thoughts On The New LG G7, LG’s New Flagship Phone

LG recently announced the LG G7, which is a good phone in my opinion and here are my thoughts about it –


The build quality is really good and I really like its look. It does have “The Notch” but LG gives us an option so we can change it if we want. So the screen darkens up thus making it look like it doesn’t have the notch. I really like its finish, it really gives it a premium look.


This phone comes with a really good camera. It has a 16 MP camera which is the main camera, it also comes with a 16 MP wide angle camera which is really good. I personally really like this feature. It comes with an 8 MP camera in front.

CPU, RAM and Storage

It comes with a Snapdragon 845 which is the same processor used in Samsung S9.  The RAM can be 4 or 6 GB depending on which model. It is rated at IP68 which means that it can go up to a few meters under water and it will be fine.


It comes with a 300 mAh battery, which is not a lot but LG says that its screen uses up 40 % less battery which gives the phone a good battery life. The phone is still not mass produced so I’ll update you all about its battery life in the future.


The speakers are said by LG to deliver 10 times more sound than any other phone because of the way its built. They are really loud and fairly crisp. It also has an headphone jack.

Overall Views

This phone is really good, LG has not yet disclosed the price of this phone but if the price is good, it will surely be a good deal.


I hope you liked this post, if you have any question regarding tech please let me know through the comment section down below. Have A Great Day!!!!!!




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