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The Best Affordable Gaming Laptop — Dell G7 7588

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Dell G7 7588.PNG

Dell recently launched the Dell G7 7588 which, in my opinion is the best affordable gaming laptop. So here is all the information you need to know about this laptop —


This laptop has a pretty good build for a laptop mostly made of plastic. It is thick but that does make it more durable. There are two color schemes available, the white-blue and the black-blue. The speakers are fine.

Trackpad and Keyboard

The keyboard is well built and it is navy blue in color. It has very little flex and the back-light is of blue color. I personally find it eye stressing when I use it during the night. The keystrokes are softer than other gaming laptops. The trackpad has a plastic build and it uses windows precision drivers.


It has a 1920*1080 panel and it has 250nt of brightness. The is nice to look at and you can overclock it. After overclocking, the screen can get up to 100hz.


The battery is quite nice. It is a 56 watt hours battery providing 4 and a half hours of battery life.

CPU, GPU And Storage

It packs an i7-8750H which is a really good processor. It comes with a GTX 1050ti which provides quite good frame-rate, 1060 max q is also available. This configuration is really good for a laptop of this price.

BenchMark Test

The FPS is really good and here is the FPS in some of the famous titles —

1080p gaming at high graphics

  1. Fortnite – 76 FPS
  2. Overwatch – 121 FPS
  3. Doom – 73 FPS
  4. PUBG – 49  FPS

Overall Views

This laptop provides a lot for the price, I really like it and I recommend this to gamers who want a great PC but can’t afford an ASUS Zephyrus M. I really like this laptop.

I hop you all liked this post. It you have any question regarding this post of any question related to tech. Please let me know through the comment section. Have a Great Day.



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