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The Coolest Headphone Ever : The Alienware Wireless Headset AW988

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Alienware Wireless Headset AW988

Alienware launched its new headphones, the Alienware Wireless Headset AW988. Its been 8 years since its last headset. Here is all the information you need to know about it –


I really like its build. The earpiece is very comfortable and is worth the money. I think it is made up of some kind of memory foam, which makes it really nice. I absolutely loved the experience. The build feels quite stable and it is quite durable.


I think it is quite good. I really like it but I don’t think it is worth the money. You can find this type of sound quality in some other headsets which are like $50 less. Other then that, I really like the experience.


These headphones are NOT Bluetooth compatible. They come with a USB connector which can be put on you laptop. The response-time is flawless.

Overall Views

I recommend these headphones to those who want this for gaming or for a nice audio experience. I really like these headphone. The price may be concern for quite a lot of people, it is a problem for me as the audio quality is not worth the money.