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Nothing Can Stop Me…. Poem (How I Got The Thought)

Hey there, So recently my post Nothing Can Stop Me…. Poem hit 40 likes and as per my promise, in this post I will tell you all how I got the idea to write this poem. SO here it is —

So it was 8 pm and I was coming back from my coaching classes, the main problem was that it was raining heavily and I was not in a good situation, I did have an umbrella but it wasn’t helping a lot. At that time I was not feeling good at all. Then I realized that there are so many people in this world who never get the privilege  to even get an umbrella. So this is how I got the idea. When I boarded my bus, I penned down my idea and I started to write the poem. I wrote all the words that came into my mind at that point of time.

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I am a student and a blogger and I really like reading and sharing various quotes.

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