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Flight of the Snow Dragon……Poem By Candice

Hey there, in this post I have collaborated with Candice. She is an absolutely amazing blogger. Please check her blog out, I am sure you will love it.

Here is the poem she sent me —

Flight of the Snow Dragon

She yearns to ride the winds of winter.
She longs to swim the icy sea.
She waits atop a frosty mountain,
For darkness to come, her time to be free.

Her shimmering, iridescent scales,
Like hoar-frost in the sunlight gleam.
But night will shield this creature of wonder,
It’s then she takes flight, the snow dragon queen.

Her wings spread wide, she soars t’ward heaven,
Then swoops with grace to the waters below.
She rides the waves of the northern ocean,
Her form scarce seen in the icy flow.

So little remains of her mystical kingdom,
Her realm now shrouded, hidden from sight.
Each twilight she waits atop her chill mountain,
To take wing again, in the wintry night.


I absolutely love this poem. I personally am a fan of these types of poems and I must say that this poem has taken a spot in my heart.

If you have any quote, story or a poem, please send that to and your content will be posted and shared on my blog.


I am a student and a blogger and I really like reading and sharing various quotes.

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