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The Surface Go — The Best Work Station For Students

Amazon US Link — Microsoft Surface Go

Amazon India Link — Microsoft Surface Go


Hey there, So recently Microsoft launched their new Surface Go and I absolutely love it. So here is all the information you need to know about this work station.


It has a great build, The curved edges give it a really professional look. It’s dimensions are — 24.5 cm * 17.5 cm and it is 8.30 mm thick. It is really comfortable to hold. It can easily be used when held in hand. The bezels are a little thick.

Screen and Webcam

It has a really good screen. It is a 10 inch screen. The bezels don’t really ruin the user  experience. It has a really good webcam, many people found it better than the webcam of the new macbook,

Battery, Key Board and Track Pad

It has a good battery, it is estimated to have around 7 hours of battery life. We have to by an external keyboard for the Surface Go. The keyboard is fine but I found the Track Pad a little small

GPU, CPU And Storage

It has a decent performance which is ideal for media consumption. It is not made for gaming but you can play games on it as it provides decent FPS at low settings. It has a Pentium gold(4415Y) CPU. It has an 8 GB RAM and A 128 GB Storage.

Bench Mark Test

So with the device at low resolution and lowest settings, here is the FPS which I got —

Overwatch — 27 FPS
CS:GO — 92 FPS
Heroes of the storm — 51 FPS
Rocket League — 42 FPS

Overall Views

I think it is a really good laptop for students. I won’t suggest this device for gaming purposes but yeah, you can play some games on this thing. I really like this laptop because of the amount of productivity that it provides.

If you all have any doubt about anything which I have talked about in this post, please let me know through the comment section down below. As Always, STAY RAD



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