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Being easy-going when you have a goal to reach seldom makes the going easy. -Frank Tyger #quotes #sayings #proverbs #motivational #inspirational

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The Most Inspiring And Motivating Quote Of The Day #165

Hello there, So in this post I have collaborated with Liyana, she is my schoolmate and she is really good at calligraphy. Here is one of the pieces she made —


Just keep doing what you love and one day you will be on top of your league — Morvin Prajapati a/k/a Rad Gamer

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I Have A Question…..

Well I have been thinking of starting a new series in which I will talk about some really interesting researches. This is a bit different than what I usually do, so I wanted your views about this decision. Please let me know if I should do this series or not. If you have any suggestion, please let me know through the comment section.