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The New Lenovo Legion Y730 : My Favorite Gaming Laptop

Legion Y730.PNG

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Hello there, so a few weeks ago, Lenovo launched its Legion Y730 and I absolutely love it. I reacted like this when I saw its specs and performance —


And I am not kidding.

So Here is the review —

Build Quality

It has a really good built quality. It is mostly made up of aluminium. I find it very premium looking. It also comes with a thunder bolt 3 port also. It is 2.2 kg whereas the Y530 is 2.3 kg. It is a bit smaller than the Y530. It has not gamer accents on it which is not a big deal for me. The screen quite thin bezels which are really good, but the bottom chin has always seemed a bit off to me.

Keyboard And Trackpad

It decent, I mean I don’t hate it but I don’t like the absence of the number pad. I am really interested in blender animation and those things, so I often use the number pad. The Trackpad is quite good. It uses the Windows Precision Drivers.

Screen, Webcam And Battery

I really like the screen. It is a 144Hz and a  280 NITS panel. The Webcam is not that great, because of the built, it is placed at the bottom of the panel. It packs a 57 watt hour battery which can provide up to 5 and a half hours of battery life, so if you want this for school, I would recommend you to carry the charger also.


It comes with a 6 core i7-8750H processor and a GTX 1050 ti graphics card. It provides with a really good gaming experience. Even the CPU temperature doesn’t go that high.

BenchMark Test

Here is the performance of this laptop —

Settings — High

Overwatch – 107 fps
Doom – 65 fps
Fortnite – 78 fps
Rainbow Six Siege – 92 fps
Call of duty 4 Blackout – 57 fps

Overall Views

I really like this laptop. I think that this laptop is really good for intermediate gamers. I also recommend this to students also, specially for those who want a gaming PC and also want to use it for school.

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