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Update On My Challenge

Man, its HARD. I am 14 years old and I had never tried anything like this. So to make things a bit easier, I made a cheat day, which is every Monday. But there are somethings that I changed in myself —

  1. Books — I have started reading more books than I usually do.
  2. Doing other things — I have started investing my time in more productive things.

Overall I am really happy with the results but the struggle is REAL sometime, it might be just me though.

I totally recommend this to others.giphy2

If you want to get your story, poem or quote featured on my blog, please contact me at —



I am a student and a blogger and I really like reading and sharing various quotes.

8 thoughts on “Update On My Challenge

  1. God bless you Rad! I turned 40 over the summer. I can testify that life is definitely hard at times and anything worth doing is not usually easy. I can also testify that God loves us and we can’t live this life victoriously without Him! My prayers are with you and for you!

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  2. Keep it up. I’ve got tougher reforms in my life (that are making little to no progress). Compared to me, it sounds like you’re doing very good. (I read a lot of books – I often borrow some from the library.)

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