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I am Back!!!!

Hello there!!!!

Its been a while, hasn’t it ?

Well, I think I owe all of you an apology and an explanation. I am really sorry for stopping my posts without any notice but now I am back!!!! I couldn’t post anything because of some personal reasons.Β 

I will try my best to be consistent now, so stay tuned for my upcoming posts!!!!!Β 


I am a student and a blogger and I really like reading and sharing various quotes.

46 thoughts on “I am Back!!!!

  1. Welcome back! I hope your time off helped make you stronger. Always remember that there are people who care about you – whether you ever see them or whether they’re ever able to look you in they eye or wrap their arms around you. You matter. And not because you DO anything, but just because you ARE. I ANYMORE tells you different – in words or actions – it’s not the truth.

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  2. A little encouragement for all of us from Lin-Manuel Miranda:
    Don’t let the world depress you
    It’s a mess, you
    Are a star
    Don’t let the world deter you
    We prefer you
    As you are

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