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7 Men’s Jacket Every Guy Should Own #1 : The Bomber Jackets

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This is the first post of my New Series “7 Men’s Jacket Every Guy Should Own”. This series will give you some tips on which jackets you should own and in this post, we are going to be talking about —-

The Bomber Jackets

This is a pretty well know type of jacket but if you don’t know a lot about it, here is some info —

flight jacket is a casual jacket that was originally created for pilots and eventually became part of popular culture and apparel. It has evolved into various styles and silhouettes including the ‘letterman’ jacket and the fashionable ‘bomber’ jacket that is known today.

These jackets are a must have for men of almost all ages. I personally love these jackets, there are a lot of different styles available for you to choose from.

What Color To Buy And What To Wear It With?

I would prefer the following colors —

  • Black Bomber— It is a color which goes on with a huge variety of colors. A black bomber jacket with a silver color zippers also looks by classy and good.
  • Brown Bomber — This color with a white or a fairly light color would look amazing and very stylish. I would personally wear it with a light color t-shirt like white or aqua with dark blue jeans.
  • Navy Blue — Navy blue is also a fairly versatile color and can be worn with a lot of light colors, i prefer a light color because it would give your look a bit of contrast which can make you stand out. Navy Blue with light brown Chinos looks really good as well.

These are the top colors I would recommend you to buy.

What’s So Good About Them?

I like these jackets a lot because of their cool and classy look. They come in a lot of varieties which gives the consumer a lot of choice. You can go for a sober and cool look, you can also go with a more adventurous look as well. If you buy a black Bomber, it can go with a whole lot of colors and it can be worn with a lot of things as well.

What Can Be The Identity Of A Bomber Jacket?

  1. Trim — There is an elastic material around the neck and on the end of the sleeves.
  2. Shorter Length— It fits pretty well and give a really modern look.

Some Tips Before Buying Them

I would prefer, that you should first buy a black bomber jacket if you don’t have a lot of experience with bomber jackets. I wouldn’t recommend a t-shirt with a lot of designs because plain t-shirts look really classy and stylish with bomber jackets. Chinos and jeans go really well, a dark blue pair of jeans go really well with black bombers.


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