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The Cheapest RTX Laptop — Eluktronics MECH-17

Amazon USA Link — Mech 17

Amazon India Link — N/A


Hello there, i am back with another laptop review. I personally love this laptop because of how much it provides with such a cheap price. So lets start with the post —


Its dimensions are — 39.3 cm * 26.3 cm and its 25 mm tall. Its is pretty well built. Its quite durable and it doesn’t have a lot of flex to it either. Its not super thin either. Its pretty easy to get into. It has a pretty good port selection, its has an ether net port, SD card slot, a USB C port but it doesn’t support thunderbolt 3, its also has a USB A port which is the traditional USB port.

Keyboard, Track-pad and Battery

It has a pretty good keyboard for the price, its pretty easy to get used to the keyboard as well. Its trackpad has a plastic surface, but it still runs windows precision driver, so its not hard to use. It has a 40 watthour battery and can’t last more than 3 hours.

CPU, GPU and Storage

It rocks a i7-8750H. Its GPU is Geforce GTX 1060 or a RTX 2070, its your choice which one you want. It has a 16GB RAM.

Benchmark Test

This is the fps you will get when you have a i7-8750H and a RTX 2070 —

  1. Overwatch — 185 FPS
  2. Apex Legends — 91 FPS
  3. Battlefield V — 107 FPS
  4. Shadow of the tomb raider — 78 FPS
  5. Fortnite — 148 FPS

Overall Views

I would recommend this to people who love to game but don’t have a very high budget. Its not for students because its battery life is not very long. I personally love this laptop.

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