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The Most Inspiring And Motivating Quote Of The Day #266

Well Said

“If you’re starting something on your own, you better have a passion for it, because this is hard work.” -Sallie Krawcheck

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These Kids Need Your Help

I recently have enrolled in a crowdfunding campaign, here is the link, . Here is some info about it —

There are a lot of students in Karnataka who can’t even afford to by footwear for themselves, Greesole, provides such students with free footwear to wear and go to school, there are a lot of students who can’t even go to school just because of the fact that they don’t have footwear and they can get injured and even get an infection because of this reason.

Here is a video provided by Greensole

These children really need your help, it all for a good cause, so guys please contribute for this awesome cause, you will also receive 80g benefits from contributing in this(only for viewers in India).

This is a win-win situation for both, you guys as well as these children. So Please help these children by contributing for this campaign.

Here is the link —

One more request, please share this on your social media accounts as well as on your blog, I will give a shout out to their blog on my upcoming post, and a special shout out to those who contribute. I am not gaining anything from this, this is all for these children.