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The Cheapest RTX Laptop — Eluktronics MECH-17

Amazon USA Link — Mech 17

Amazon India Link — N/A


Hello there, i am back with another laptop review. I personally love this laptop because of how much it provides with such a cheap price. So lets start with the post —


Its dimensions are — 39.3 cm * 26.3 cm and its 25 mm tall. Its is pretty well built. Its quite durable and it doesn’t have a lot of flex to it either. Its not super thin either. Its pretty easy to get into. It has a pretty good port selection, its has an ether net port, SD card slot, a USB C port but it doesn’t support thunderbolt 3, its also has a USB A port which is the traditional USB port.

Keyboard, Track-pad and Battery

It has a pretty good keyboard for the price, its pretty easy to get used to the keyboard as well. Its trackpad has a plastic surface, but it still runs windows precision driver, so its not hard to use. It has a 40 watthour battery and can’t last more than 3 hours.

CPU, GPU and Storage

It rocks a i7-8750H. Its GPU is Geforce GTX 1060 or a RTX 2070, its your choice which one you want. It has a 16GB RAM.

Benchmark Test

This is the fps you will get when you have a i7-8750H and a RTX 2070 —

  1. Overwatch — 185 FPS
  2. Apex Legends — 91 FPS
  3. Battlefield V — 107 FPS
  4. Shadow of the tomb raider — 78 FPS
  5. Fortnite — 148 FPS

Overall Views

I would recommend this to people who love to game but don’t have a very high budget. Its not for students because its battery life is not very long. I personally love this laptop.

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The Surface Go — The Best Work Station For Students

Amazon US Link — Microsoft Surface Go

Amazon India Link — Microsoft Surface Go


Hey there, So recently Microsoft launched their new Surface Go and I absolutely love it. So here is all the information you need to know about this work station.

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I Love This Laptop : Asus Zenbook S UX391


Amazon Link US — ASUS ZenBook S UX391

Amazon Link India — N/A

Hey there, so I cam across this laptop and I have fallen in love with this laptop. Though this is not a gaming laptop, but the performance it provides is more than enough for my blogging needs. Without any further ado, lets start —


The sleek design is a killer, I absolutely love it. The ErgoLift also looks damn good. It has a metal strip running at the edge of the top panel, which gives it a really nice looks. Its dimensions are — 31.1 cm * 2.3 cm and it is 12.9 mm thick.


The speakers are good but the design of the computer makes the sound distorted, I like it but the distortion does kills the premium feel. If you lift the laptop up and the listen, you will find it much better.

Keyboard And Trackpad

I really like the keyboard, the ergolift makes the keyboard lie in such an angle that it feels really comfortable. I have always liked the Asus Zenbook keyboard and this one is no exception. The trackpad is also really good.

Screen And Port Selection

It has a really good screen, I really like the screen. It is a 4k 350 nt panel. It has a really nice contrast. It has a decent port selection, 1 USB C, 1 thunderbolt 3 and 1 audio-jack. It is a 13.3 inch panel.

Battery And Thermal

It comes with a 50 watt hour battery and it gives about 6 to 7 hours of battery life. The themals are not that good. This machine can’t handle heavy editing without getting really hot.

CPU And Storage

It has a really nice CPU. There are 2 types of options available. It has the i7 – 7500U and i7 – 8550U. These CPUs are damn good. I really like them. It has 16 GB RAM.

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A Really Good Laptop : ASUS ROG Strix GL504 SCAR 2

Amazon Link US — ROG Strix SCAR II

Amazon Link India — N/A

Strix 2.PNG

So recently ASUS launched its SCAR 2, I absolutely loved the first SCAR and this one is even better!! According to me, this laptop is the best laptop at its price. Here is all the information you need to know about this awesome machine :


Man the build!!! I love its build a lot. This time even the back logo has color changing RGB lighting, I must say, I looks really good. With 2.07 kg in weight, it is fairly good for the power it packs. Its dimensions are 35.5 cm * 23.5 cm and its 16.8 mm thick. It has simple rounded corners which look really clean. It is predominantly plastic but still has a quite premium feel. There is a light strip of light up front which I don’t know why, feel really good. It has 2 zones for customized lighting.

Screen And Speakers

It has a really good screen, it is a 144 hz, 310 nt panel. This panel has a 3 millisecond response time.  The bezels are quite thin and I love it. The only problem is the chin, I don’t really like the webcam angle but for me it doesn’t really matter because I rarely use it but if you use the webcam a lot, I prefer you to buy an external webcam. The speakers are on the side and they sound pretty good.

Battery, Keyboard And Trackpad

It can run for 3 and a half hours with 250 nt. It has a 64 watt battery. I means, that kinda natural for the strix series. The keyboard is nice but I may take you a little time to get used to it. It had 4 lighting zones and I love it!!! The trackpad is also very good.


They are really good. It comes with an i7 – 8750H which is a really good processor. It has the GTX 1070 which is a really good Graphics card. They both work nicely and provide a really good FPS.

BenchMark Test

So here are the results of a benchmark test —

Witcher 3 – 61 FPS

DOOM – 141 FPS

Battlefield 1 – 127 FPS

Rainbow Six Seige – 155 FPS

OverWatch – 148 FPS

Fortnite – 142 FPS

Overall Views

I really like this laptop and I recommend this to all those people who really like to game and also want a really good workstation. The main problem is the battery life, so if you are a student, I recommend you to take the charger with you also.

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I Love This Phone : The OnePlus 6

Amazon India Link for 6 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage  — OnePlus 6

Amazon India Link for 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage  — OnePlus 6

Amazon India Link for 8 GB RAM and 256 GB Storage  — N/A

Amazon US Link for 6 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage — OnePlus 6

Amazon US Link for 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage — OnePlus 6

Amazon US Link for 8 GB RAM and 256 GB Storage — OnePlus 6


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The Coolest Headphone Ever : The Alienware Wireless Headset AW988

Amazon US Link — N/A

Amazon India Link — N/A

Alienware Wireless Headset AW988

Alienware launched its new headphones, the Alienware Wireless Headset AW988. Its been 8 years since its last headset. Here is all the information you need to know about it –


I really like its build. The earpiece is very comfortable and is worth the money. I think it is made up of some kind of memory foam, which makes it really nice. I absolutely loved the experience. The build feels quite stable and it is quite durable.


I think it is quite good. I really like it but I don’t think it is worth the money. You can find this type of sound quality in some other headsets which are like $50 less. Other then that, I really like the experience.


These headphones are NOT Bluetooth compatible. They come with a USB connector which can be put on you laptop. The response-time is flawless.

Overall Views

I recommend these headphones to those who want this for gaming or for a nice audio experience. I really like these headphone. The price may be concern for quite a lot of people, it is a problem for me as the audio quality is not worth the money.

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The Best And Affordable Wireless Earphones — The OnePlus Bullets Wireless

Amazon US Link —- N/A

Amazon India Link —- N/A


A few days ago, I came across these amazing earphones and I absolutely love it. Here is all the information you need to know about them —-


It has a really good build quality. It has a premium look to it. The earphones are made of aluminium and the cables have a nice feeling to them. They come with 3 ear hooks and 3 ear tips, which are more than enough for finding your best choice. It also has magnets on the end of the heads which give a feature in which the song pauses as soon as it is clipped.

Sound And Mic

It has a really good sound quality. I really like the sound quality. One plus says that they have something called the energy tube, which reduces voice distortion. I do find the sound crisp but I cannot find a significant difference. The mic is also very good. It may sound better than some of the phones also.

Overall Views

I really like these. I find them very good and handy while traveling. I have always preferred headphones but if I had to choose an earphone, this would be the one.

If you have any question regarding anything mentioned in this post or any question related to tech, please let me know through the comment section. Have A Great Day.